Walfangsaison beendet

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Walfangsaison beendet

Beitragvon fhpdag am Fr 8. Mär 2013, 09:20

Update from Paul Watson:

Adverse weather has put an end to the whaling season. The whalers returned South more for show than practicality. Monitoring the weather and it is joyfully stormy. The Sea Shepherd ships have just enough fuel to reach Melbourne and should arrive in 12 days. This has been the most successful campaign undertaken and Sea Shepherd Australia has done an incredible job of coordinating it. A very courageous job by the three crews of the Steve Irwin, Bob Barker and Sam Simon. The Australian Federal Police are expected to raid the ships but they do that every year because Japan asks them to. Not sure why Australia never asks the police to raid the Japanese vessels. Sea Shepherd always cooperates with the authorities. Japan never does. They can destroy a boat and get away with it without having to answer questions while Sea Shepherd is expected to justify saving endangered whales in an internationally established whale sanctuary from whalers who are in contempt of an Australian Federal Court ruling.
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Re: Walfangsaison beendet

Beitragvon veganichmalsouebel am Fr 8. Mär 2013, 14:20

Ein paar Monate Zeit für die Reparatur der Schiffe :)
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Re: Walfangsaison beendet

Beitragvon Moppelkotze am Fr 8. Mär 2013, 14:24

Naja sie werden sich ja dieses Jahr auch noch anderen Kampangen vornehmen.
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